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Elder Law; Special Needs; Conservatorship

Resources for Family Members with Special Needs

If you or someone you know is a parent (or grandparent) of a minor or adult child with special needs here are some internet resources that may be of interest, along with their self-descriptions:

  • Academy of Special Needs Planners:  The Academy of Special Needs Planners (ASNP) is a national member organization of attorneys who are dedicated to improving the lives of people with special needs by helping them and their families plan for the future. Creative plans must maintain public benefits, preserve assets, and provide for care management for beneficiaries with special needs.  Diedre Wachbrit, a member of ASNP, maintains an excellent BLOG and a website with an article on 8 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Planning for a Special Needs Child.

  • www.family village.wisc.edu: Family Village is a global community that integrates information, resources, and communication opportunities on the internet for persons with cognitive and other disabilities, for their families, and for those that provide them services and support.

  • www.thearc.org: The Arc works to include all children and adults with cognitive, intellectual, and developmental disabilities in every community.

  • www.ncd.gov: The National Council on Disability (NCD) is an independent federal agency making recommendations to the President and Congress on issues affecting 54 million Americans with disabilities to enhance the quality of life for all Americans with disabilities and their families.

  • The Old Folks Know Best Resource Center!

See also our Social Security, Medicare, and Medi-Cal Resources (The Medicare site also has a nursing home comparison tool.)