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Founded by Ronald W. Lyster to be a forward-thinking, highly responsive law practice, Lyster, Inc. is built on a foundation of excellence and expertise, and on a strong system of personal values that honors humanitarian and charitable endeavor, while pursuing both their ethical and fiduciary rewards. Mr. Lyster and his professional colleagues in Lyster, Inc. believe strongly in the efficacy and positive benefit of what they term Moral Money Management. Their many successful clients and over 30 years of authoritative experience attest to worth of this philosophy.

Lyster, Inc. serves the legal needs of individuals, corporations, partnerships, trusts and tax exempt and charitable organizations in the areas of taxation; corporate transactional work; contracts; business, estate and trust planning; and probate and real estate law, in the state of California and on the Federal level. Considered an expertís expert, Mr. Lyster is noted for his remarkable knowledge and insightful interpretations of the law, and is often consulted by colleagues and other legal professionals.

Mailing Address:
1158 26th Street #421
Santa Monica, California 90403-4698

Telephone:  (888) 629-9299
Fax:  (888) 663-6766
Email:  Ron@lyster.com