Lyster, Inc.

Announcement to Clients, Colleagues, and Friends
The offices of Lyster, Inc. are now closed
Ronald Lyster has retired from the practice of law

Many have asked us for referrals to new attorneys.  As you know, I have had a solo practice for many years, so I cannot just refer you to one of my continuing partners.  There are many very skilled tax and estate planning lawyers, obviously.  I have compiled a relatively short list of referrals, most of whom I have worked with in the past and all of whom have come very highly recommended by persons I trust.  The attorneys with larger firms tend to charge more (sometimes substantially more), and will likely have associates working with them on your matter.  These larger firms do usually have support in other fields of practice ("one stop shop"), and you will not likely need to go elsewhere when your lawyer retires.  Note that another excellent resource for locating an attorney for your estate planning needs is your CPA.

Thank you all for your confidence in me and the many referrals you have given me over the years. It has been a pleasure - indeed an honor and a privilege - to have served (or to have worked with) each and every one of you.
Ronald Lyster